Things/products/etc that people get terribly defensive about


…and are therefore unable to look at these things in a reasoned, objective manner

Apple products
Twin Peaks

anything else?


Game of Thrones as evidenced in the previous thread.


Rick & Morty




Eating meat
Driving cars


honestly never heard anyone get defensive about this. please elaborate a touch


Meat and atheism

The dickheads only tho


Meat and atheism
The dickheads only tho

Sweet Jane Andrews Theatre etc.


Star Wars


Oh, come on.

It doesn’t really happen on DiS, but car-drivers (NOT ALL CAR DRIVERS!) get very, very defensive when any measure to encourage walking or cycling or public transport use is proposed. They get really uppity when presented with evidence that they are harming their health, the health of others, the health of local town centres, or the health and wellbeing of those who become isolated as a result of car-orientated town centres. They see it as their right to drive (and park) where they want and when they want.

For evidence, see the LTDA protests against cycle infrastructure and any attempts to stop them idling by the kerbside, or the fuss kicked up by people in Waltham Forest over the council installing some modal filters to residential streets.


Having a cleaner


The thing is, if you live somewhere like London, that is totally legit. And to a degree other large metropolises.

But outside of that bubble, having a car is pretty much what you need to be able to live your life as a grown up, get your children to nursery/ school, to drive to the shops/ to work/ to the station from which you get your bus or train to work. I can’t think how the fuck we’d cope without our car. We’d have to spend a fortune on taxis to be able to do what we need to do on time each day. I don’t think that’s defensive- it’s just the reality of our lives, and most people who live somewhere that’s a town or village.

(for completeness, I should admit that I did have a car when I lived in central london although I perma-lent it to my pal and yours, richyblue, for whom it was useful living where he did.)


Living in london


^there we go.

(safety wink, half in jest)


Plus not living in London


The real answers probably living in SE as they have the usual living in London needless-defensiveness but also are very defensive amongst other Londoners about how SE is definitely a real part of London. Poor things


Not really, In my experience, people in the home counties definitely don’t want you lumping them in with London.




Naim branded hi-fi


Their history of misogynist posting.