Things revisited

I watched Micheal Palin’s Around the World in 80 Days last week. I’d a feeling it might make me think less of him a bit because I fondly remember watching repeats of it. It did a little, all felt a bit colonial. Still, I’m glad I watched it. I might watch Pole to Pole because I’ve never seen it.

The Young Ones - this was… funny?

I remember that it was funny, but I maybe wrong about that.

Caught the last episode of Around the World in 80 Days last week. Forgot that it’s a bit of flop at the end - gets angry with an Evening Standard seller then isn’t allowed to film in the Reform Club which is a bit like not filming runners crossing the finish line of a marathon. I’m probably missing the point.

Where did you catch it, was it broadcast somewhere or were you watching it over my shoulder (I was watching it on Daily Motion)?

Also, I quite like the ending, he seemed genuinely deflated and depressed at being back in England.

Fun House was on Challenge recently

still wish I could go on it tbh

it’s been on one of the Freeview channels - travel channel mebs??? - recently. I’ve been dipping in and out at lunch time.

Yeah, he seems properly down at the end. Plus the bit when he’s handing out gifts in a dour BBC office is pretty bleak :slight_smile: