Things science can't explain

Like why are there some people who cannot change their facial expression due to the wind changing direction.


Jeff Magnets and his roving band of International Soft Men

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Dark matter

Piers Morgan having had sex. With people.

Why eating toast crusts makes your hair go curly

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I’ve never seen a proper scientific explanation as to why a person will disappear if they fart and burp at the same time and don’t put their finger on their belly button.

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Martin Freeman

We will never know what the moon is or what it wants


why a duck’s quack doesn’t echo

Why wanking makes your palms hairy

If a plane on a runway will take off

But we do know it REALLY wants something.


They did some research on this a few years back. It’s because the duck’s in an anechoic chamber.

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Why bumblebees can’t fly

why dogs can’t look up

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How much wood a woodchuck would chuck.

What geese are so angry about

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Fuckin’ magnets


How pigeons know where home is, no matter how far away you take them.

Also, there’s no such thing as baby pigeons. They just appear fully grown out of nowhere.

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