Things sold in annoying quantities.

Burgers come in packs of two, buns come in packs of four at the least. Fucked up! What am I supposed to do with two extra buns? Sell them in packs of two ffs

What else?


Buy 2 packs of burgers


Supermarket cookies and doughnuts come in 5s, really annoying if you live with one other person.


Far too many. Far too many indeed.

Never understood why lateral flow tests come in packs of 7


Reece’s cups come in packs of two when everyone knows three is the optimal number

I eat 5 weetabix every day. They should do a special pack where they’re in multiples of 15, not 12.


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500g pasta is just too much for two people. They should do 800g packs as well (8x100g servings).

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Tesco doughnuts come in 4s here now!!

Absolute scandal

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Interested in what your technique is here. Are you putting them all in the bowl and once, and 4 and 5 are basically paste by the time you get to them? Or do you add them to the bowl in stages?

Just get 5 packs of weetabix every 12 days

This winds me right up! A serving size is 75g, 75 doesn’t go into 500. It’s an outrage!

Much easier, just buy 2 packs at a time; 4 each.

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Oh I would never do that


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Pretty much any packaged food if you’re single. Everything seems to be based on families of 4


Pint of beer (568 ml)

Why can’t they just sell it in 250 ml or 500 ml measures, like they do in proper countries?


A pint is 660ml.

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4 servings. Ideal size imo

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Only at pizza express