Things that ain't as popular as what they once were

The (rather shit) film Game Night has a lot of that

Listening to whole albums rather than playlists.

Mini Boglins and their larger brethren, Boglins.



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I quite liked Game Night.

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I liked the cop


They recently brought back Mississippi Mud Pie crunch corners, and it made me think how that dessert has disappeared from casual dining chain menus since it’s heyday in the 90s.


I was talking to some sixth formers the other day about this and some of them genuinely had no idea what I meant by an ‘album’ or a ‘record’ - the idea that music could be disseminated via a collection of songs released simultaneously by the same artist was totally alien to them.

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Don’t see much of motorcycle display teams either. Always used to be on TV when I was a kid

It’s Health & Safety gone mad

Monster Trucks either


this sounds mad, if they’ve used spotify or youtube or their parents have used a cd (or even themselves as kids) they’ll know what an album is. Adele, Ed and the rest of em’ still have high profile releases, and where do they think the artwork on their playlist tracks come from? And where do they think those tracks come from?

edit: also, i see a lot of students around here in band t shirts and that, and buying records. so i guess these kids aren’t you’re typical indie listeners?

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Drink it in the sun, Sunkist is the one.

I remember a brief glory period when they had 500ml cans

The term “metrosexual”


spot on.

There are a lot of sixth formers who love whole LPs and are just as into bands as I was at that age; but a lot of them for whom music is just a background in their lives and they might notice individual songs being released/talked about but have no concept of them being released as ‘albums’. My form group splits pretty much down the middle between these two extremes.

ah, that’s fine then. i thought i was going mad there as i just booted spotify, went to the home page and it literally says ‘new albums and singles’ under the new releases tab, and if you click a genre it says things like ‘check out these genre defining albums’. I mean, its such an ubiquitous concept. It’s alien to me that somebody can get to their teenage years and not acknowledge the existence of such things.

I miss Entemann’s cakes - for a while they were a supermarket staple, and then gone. I think they are still around in the US but not here

Lovely moist brownies