Things That Always Make You Smile


A dog sat on a bar stool.


Animals wearing sunglasses.


People falling over


My name is jeff


Someone smiling after looking at their phone on the street. I always like to think they’ve got a really nice message from someone who fancies them.


Oh, I forgot!





Unlikely cross-species animal friendships


This is the BEST THING


Yep pretty much every time




Oh my god! We’re having a fire… sale


Dogs with heads out their heads out the window of a car


It Wasn’t Me - Shaggy

  • Getting paid a day early
  • people getting their bags/coats stuck on the tube doors and the feverish struggle to free themselves that ensues
  • really drunk people trying to order food at a takeaway
  • friendly pets on public transport
  • northerners wandering around London utterly perplexed by the whole situation


Baby hedgehogs

My nephews

When you get the little blue notification to tell you someone’s liked your post


@profk Sorry, this wasn’t meant for you!



My gerbils sleeping
My gerbils headbutting boxes
My gerbils yawning
My gerbils being assertive and manipulative when they want to play with me
My gerbils watching tv
My gerbils taking a dump up my dad’s sleeves
My gerbils being cheeky
My gerbils’ tails going round like a helicopter thingy when they get picked up
Cuddling my gerbils


Reading about yr gerbils