Things that annoy your eyes

I walk past this every day and it makes me feel really weird, like I’m going to do a sick. I hate it.

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Do you know those industrial mats you get at the entrances to shops with the strips of metal and rubber? They can give me ocular migraines if they’re big enough

This pattern of stone work can sometimes do it too

that stone pattern does it to me. I’ve got a shit eye and it really confuses it. Makes it look like the ground is animated or something.

Depending on the weather this kind of thing can trigger full on migraines for me too. Weird, weird stuff.

I always wondered if it was something to do with my Trypophobia

For myself, I think it’s because it mirrors the sort of aura patterns I get and so it’s a feedback loop where my brain goes, “Oh, this must be a migraine”. But I know that repeating patterns are a problem for a lot of people, and trypophobia is really interesting. I know someone who gets a feeling of total dread whenever they see things that trigger it.

I just feel repulsed. It really makes me feel bad.

By the look of this individual, he has undoubtedly succumbed to some kind of Warp-taint. It is possible that the Empyrean is leaking int Real Space via some kind of localised breach nearby, which would explain the sickness and weirdness you felt. Undoubtedly a case for the Emperors most Holy Inquisition.

I have alerted the Black Ships, citizen

Supermarket strip-lighting really ruins my eyes and I struggle to focus on things if I’m in one too long. Not sure what it is about supermarkets specifically because whilst other shops must use the same lighting it only really happens in Tesco and that.