Things that are a uniquely big deal near where you live / in your hometown

Here in Norfolk, it’s the Thursford Christmas Spectacular:

I’m still not 100% sure what it is. Some kind of variety show, possibly? I know people who have been to it, but I can’t imagine going, myself.

What’s a big deal near where you live or where you grew up?

And an additional poll

  • I’ve been to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular
  • I’ve never been to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular but I’ve heard of it
  • I’ve never been to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular and I’ve never heard of it either. But thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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Attacking Santa in the street.


Early Martha Reeves etc


where I live/grew up for a bit -

a few years ago, we burned the biggest pot of moonshine (aguardiente, dunno what it is in english) in the world, and the same tradition happens every year

also this


very topical, but in my local area we don’t do Halloween, but we do “Galoshans” Pronounced gah-lo-shuns (with emphasis on the lo). It was allegedly invented in the nearest town and is an 18th century form of going “trick or treating” as others now call it. Here though it’s “going on galoshans”. We have a festival and street parade and stuff. Quite spooky and good.


big black metal scene in my town for whatever reason, I think some “famous” European metal bands came here to play which is weird

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Oh I saw something similar to this in Brussels, but without the moonshine (excuse the poorly cropped photo)

We don’t really have masks like that over here, save for Frank Sidebottom


Until a few years ago we had a big annual parade and stuff to jovially commemorate the Hiring Fair, when people would come to our town from miles around to sell their children into servitude

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Bonfire night in Sussex is a whole different thing to the sparklers and a hot dog in a pub car park I grew up with in West Yorkshire; they black up, wheel fire through the streets and distribute anti Catholic propaganda, it’s frightening and wrong.

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Oh isn’t there a massive fireworks thing somewhere down there? Lewes possibly?

Of course @marckee has bloody heard of the Thursford Christmas Spectacular


Lewes bonfire is the biggest/most famous, but all of Sussex seems to go a bit mad for November 5th

he was manning the candy floss stall last year, mate. weren’t you there?

I can imagine him as a jovial elf.

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chuckling imagining realizing that marckee is present at every noteworthy moment in history. looking back at photos of kennedy getting shot, D-day landings, paintings of egyptian pharaohs etc, he’s in all of em.


He’s the Scream

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“it’s one small step for man … And one giant lea- hang on, who the fuck is that?”

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Oxted pram race.

Every team of locals make some elaborate prams to race through town stoping at each pub to down a drink whilst being soaked by onlookers with supersoakers.

It used to be midweek, but a few years ago they switched it to the weekend where its far busier.

Also Caterham has a festival of events in June which includes a beer festival, food festival, carnival, murder mystery, ghost walks and loads of other bits including Waller Pain, which is a cycling competition up a ridiculously steep hill.

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I grew up in the Look East regional news area.

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And with his last breath, he cried “it is finished!”

And in the distance, a man noted “actually, I think you’ll find that all prophecies point towards his resurrection in three days’ time. Just thought you should know”