Things that are better now than in the past


You don’t have to sit through the entire credit sequence before the film starts


You don’t have to carry a phone AND a camera AND an mp3 player anymore


Also people are more socially and ethically conscious and politically correct as whole, new generation of children are a lot more aware/considerate of things that people born last century werent at their age


The standard of cooking/quality of food generally in the UK, particularly when eating out.


The NBA is better now than it’s ever been.


Can learn anything for free




Praise to cameraphones for changing all of our lives



medical science


I don’t think I have ever carried all three items on me at the same time.


If I don’t know how to do something, from cooking a recipe to how to do something in Adobe Illustrator, and beyond, I can look at someone else showing me how to do it on YouTube.


Have you read YouTube comments?

We have given the idiots a voice and a place to hide.

I think it’s worse


Medical science maybe but the rest pah!

Skipping credits… Just chill out no rush

Camera on you at all times. Great now we can film people in trouble for Facebook likes and take terrible pictures of our tea.


I think there is a subset that have got worse, but generally it has got better. A friend of mine is a youth worker and often remarks how young people are really tolerant nowadays


Upside: the core beliefs of people, particularly young people, have on the whole become more accepting/considerate

Downside: Those who don’t share such views have more platforms than ever to air their bile


Going to leap in here with an observation that I made in another thread a week or so ago :

Growing up as a teenager in the 90s there was so so much more ignorance and stigma surrounding things like sexuality than I see in schools today as a teacher. Yes, there are idiots, of course, but maybe one of the reasons they shout so loudly online is that it’s no longer socially acceptable to say hateful things in real life.

My daughter came out at school a few months ago and has had an overwhelming positive reaction, that just would not have been the case in the past.


I reckon this is really on the money




I like how I can pay £9.99 a month for unlimited access to thousands of hours of Grateful Dead live recordings.


i preferred when i had to go to double 4 records in stockport and get them to play the bootlegs in the shop to see if they were worth buying and not recorded on someones dictaphone

oh happy days