Things that are confusing

Now I don’t know much about musical instruments, especially the bass, but I keep seeing this and thinking “who would want to buy half a glove like that? Just for fingers? In like a black latex? For when you’re playing the bass”

But it turns out, it’s for like putting bass through your body instead of listening to something bassy?
I’ve no idea but it seems weird. The glove seems a bit more feasible.

Can’t think of anything that this might be used for


Is the wristband/watch thing part of it?

I don’t know one single thing about this

The watch IS it. The painted black fingers/glove thing has nothing to do with it.

It’s like a subwoofer but on your wrist. I still do not understand.

fully agree with the thread title here meow

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Yeah I don’t get this.

it’s for fishing. you keep your hooks and bits etc inside a compartment in the watch.

Why is the thumb painted in the top picture but not in the bottom one?

you only paint one side of your thumb


This hasn’t cleared things up as much as I’d have liked.

Ignore my previous post then.

The new database/deadline system at work.

If a deadline says “DEADLINE (1 MO), 3 May 2017” it means the deadline was set a month ago and is 3 May 2017.

If it says “DEADLINE due 2 MO, 3 May 2017” it means the deadline is two months from that date and is 3 July 2017.

I currently have 14 pages of deadlines like these, set out like a big spreadsheet. I nearly missed two of them yesterday because I thought they were the second kind when they were the first.

Nobody else seems to get why this could be confusing.

Why does the second one say 3rd May?

It’s a helpful reminder that you’ve got a deadline in two months!

Actually I’ve got it now. It is confusing though, you’re right.

not sure what’s happening

this is a confusing thing, meo

oh it’s a subwoofer for your wrist. nobody has EVER asked for that.

“if i’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse”

- marilyn monroe

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