Things that are confusing




I was going to respond with some comment about how playing bass loads could hurt your fingers so I guess this is meant to stop it hurting you while still giving you as much of your hand free to make skin contact (e.g. you can’t slide the palm of your hand down the neck in rubber)…but now I’m really confused to fuck.


Like oh it must be hard to play the bass so you may need these rubber gloves to play it
but no it’s not a rubber glove!


If I want more bass, I don’t want it in my wrist, I want it right in my face


Review from the site:

Cookston V on Apr 13, 2017
It’s ok but sadly didn’t live up to the promise of other reviews. I could only feel it on my wrist and it didn’t do much for me there. It is more interesting to put it elsewhere, in fact I found the best place was

Please complete in 10 words or less.


Put it on your head?


up my anus



and wear a balaklava which doesn’t do anything either


yup has to be anus


i’ve used one of those things

apparently the placement on your wrist is meant to send the vibrations round your whole body. some people in the office liked it but it did nothing for me, literally cannot imagine a single time i’d ever think to use it.


That is confusing. Is it a miniature speaker?

It reminds me of those golf charm bracelets you can buy. Concentration through magnetism.


Some people do wear gloves when playing bass, either for easier string muting or because their hands get too sweaty.


Could have called it the Asslet.


Anyone who plays bass without a plectrum needs a good hard look at themselves.
Because they look like a twat.




Nah loads of cool looking bassists. Hard to deny Kim Gordon wasn’t a cool motherfucker, but if she was stood there doing slap bass it wouldn’t be the case.



Loads of people use these weird copper bracelets anyway, don’t they?
They’re like for all sorts of illnesses.






I was confused by “bass” being in the original post six times.

It could also be the cool leggings thread.