Things that are disproportionately painful (in relation to the damage they cause to your body)

Stubbing your toe

A paper cut

Bollock kick. Usually fine.

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Another fun game would be to vote on which one of these you did most recently

  • Stubbed toe
  • Paper cut

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Mate that could be very serious :frowning:

Stepping on a plug
Squeezing a spot on your nose


Yeah but often not. Hurts anyway.

Ok disregard my entry. I’ll think of another.

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Yes Yes Yes


Bumping funny bone (cwbaft)


A quick google didn’t help me…what does this mean please?

Ingrowing hair

It’s a welsh swear word for when you injure yourself

Chance would be a fine thing


Cramp. Agony for 30 seconds. Then absolute relief.


Garlic in a finger cut.

Always unexpected because garlic seems like one of the more clubbable members of the kitchen gang, but it’s got a vicious streak, and it won’t apologise for it.

It certainly hurts like hell and I appreciate the contribution to the thread…but I wouldn’t want you to be walking off a big thwack to the knackers as if it were “just a scratch”

Tell you what absolutely knacks then just stops knacking the instant it finishes.

Laser tattoo removal.

Ok ok. I retracted my balls!

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I’m just thinking of your future offspring

Dead leg after a reading session on the toilet. It’s the elbow pressing down on the knee. After I get up, I keel over. Then I get up and keel over again.


Drinking alcohol.

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Shampoo in the eyes. I’m blind! I’m blind! No, wait… I’m fine.