Things that are from places you wouldn't expect

It’s the Germans that keep trying to kill me with cheese when I’m over there. Had one of them look me right in the eye and say “we don’t eat a lot of cheese in Germany” while we were stood in front of a cabinet full of sandwiches that literally all had cheese in them.

Mind you this same person also fraudulently claimed to be qualified to practice in Germany and then lied about that to my face too so maybe this was just him.

I don’t know much at all about which place things are from

but I know I love you

That person’s voice sounds so much like a tiny frog

Pitbull is from Miami

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This isn’t true but it’s knowledge centred around footballers which I can respect.
Incidentally where is the strangest place a football manager player could be recruited from?

Yeah, vimto has different packaging too, more like the original design. They’ve adopted it as the official drink to break Ramadan with which is why its so popular. Imagine how smug you’d be attaching your brand to something in that way where basically everyone drinks it as part of their religion.

Side note. When fewer people were going to church there were too many communion wafers being produced so what the manufacturers did was fill them with sherbert and so the Flying Saucer was born.


technically he’s worldwide


Aaron Neville. Neville Neville’s brother. You should know that.

Fair point this actually.

In answer to your question: “Can you rephrase your question please, I don’t understand it”

Their label is ace, looks regal


Pigeons are from everywhere, which is mind blowing. They’re in every country.

And some robins are Russian!

I know, better than our silly label for silly babies

Robin Lebedev is a top lad

Yeah I’d have expected him to have been born in international waters or the space station or at least a disputed territory


Like can you get a player in the game for your virtual team but they’re from somewhere very weird like atlantis or bridgend

Wolf from Gladiators is from India

Former French footballer Rio Mavuba is from the sea


I saw a robin today kerms and literally shouted at it, ‘‘it’s way too warm for you pal’’. The robin played it cool but definitely registered my pertinent observation.


Some Robins live in britain full time

Here are the lads atop him