Things that are from places you wouldn't expect

Ready the gunboats

Probably didn’t understand what you were saying, on account of it being Russian!

Think that’s the way round it goes. Russian ones here in winter, British ones in summer. Or the other way round and it was just ignoring you??

Impossible to know, unfortunately.

Ah right, I see! Well, I don’t really have anything particularly fun to respond with here, newgens can be generated anywhere in the world in FM. There was a bit once where we swept through and made some changes because we were finding a disproportionate amount of Scottish newgens being generated from highland towns without maternity wards at their hospitals.

The british robins barely leave their local area in their lifetime and are pretty chill. The migrant robins are more aggressive

Get on the phone to LBC


The great robinreplacement

This is the eye for detail that’s earned you those big Sonic bucks my friend. Remarkable.


Newb error mate the percentage of elite footballers who had home births is 37% compared to 2% of the population having home births

dubstep is actually english and not abyssal as it first seems

FC Robin Kazan


Loads of American comedians = Canadian really, so many I forget which ones

This is a bit (only a bit) like the recent japanese tradition of having a big KFC meal at Christmas.


Celine Dion.

Yes. Also Man I feel like a Woman woman (can’t remember her name ).

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Neil Young.

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Mark Twain

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Joni Mitchell

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Just listing Canadians now

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Actually I think Man I Feel Like A Woman is by Paul Anka.

Read an article once about how loads of American Jewish people have a tradition of going out for Chinese food on Christmas Day