Things that are immensely satisfying


I’ve been chewing on a pen for a while, I’ve bitten off the clicky part on the end and revealed the ink tube. I’ve bitten the ink tube and cracked it in a pleasingly uniform manner. You can even slide another pen into it and splay open the cracks like a plastic flower. No-one else at work is that fussed for it, but I’m pure buzzing.


This is amazing news




It’s nice to see persistence and hard word actually being rewarded for a bloody change


I don’t work in the family pub any more, but always loved hoovering up a peanut.


You’re not going to top that. Might as well take the week off work. You’ve earned it.


Are you going to have it bronzed?


Can’t believe we have potw sorted on Monday morning already


The album / podcast I’m listening to lasting the exact amount of time it takes me leaving my flat to arriving at work.


You’re not going to top that. Might as well take the week off. You’ve earned it.


Loads in here


This event deserved its own thread, we only had inklings back then of what satisfaction really is.


People will speak of this day for years. Like when there was that big puddle in Newcastle.


My favourite thing about all this is that it took a lot of work to get the amazing results in the op. I imagine at first it looked like it might just be a bit of pen chewing but image


Getting a sleeping baby changed without waking it up


A big well earned poo you’ve been storing for your own throne.


Proper shit this mate, not satisfying me at all


A ludicrous reaction to the majesty of the pen end. To be fair Lynsey at work thought it was nothing special, the wife too. It’s a marmite satisfier


When you’re half-guessing a password for something and you get it right first time.


Squeezing goo* out of my long redundant navel piercings. Not showing you a pic, soz.

*what even IS that stuff that oozes out of piercings? **
** FAO of any marckees, that’s a rhetorical question, you do not need to google. I don’t actually want to know.