Things that are more exciting to anticipate than actually experience


A list

1: Hotel buffet brekafast
2: Christmas day

Controversial thread-defining suggestion!
3: train beers




Seemingly everything.


Is this the filth thread?


This is the controversial one you maniac!


Always disappointing. Set menu or cooked to order hotel breakfast for me please.


There are very few things better than approaching a cooked breakfast buffet, mate. The way the beans get when they’ve been left in the hot tray for a while is just :chef_kissing_fingers:


Depends what hotel you’re at.

When I have to go to Edinburgh for work I always make sure I stay at this place that has haggis on their breakfast buffet. Should be everywhere. Can even get a kipper if you want them to rustle one up for you. Glorious.


Most gigs


Opposite of this. Dread going to them, almost always enjoy them while I’m there and I’m glad I went.


But that’s exactly it! Approaching the buffet, brilliant!
Eating the buffet, hmmmm.


the weekend


Notable exception being the Nada Surf gig I went to recently where I was bored stiff the whole time and left halfway through.


Theme parks (I’ve now concluded that they are just terrible so this is no longer true for me)


Holy fuck.



I enjoy gigs but always forget how much I hate standing for a relatively long time and how much the sound does my ears in (I’ve got earplugs now so this is slightly better but still get a hum) and how much I get irked by other people who don’t know how to behave


Eating the buffet “MMMMMMMM!” more like


i mean not being at work is clearly better than being at work, but i always think they’re going to be great and i’m going to do cool stuff and then i’m just fucking hanging about most of the time bored



4: stopping in the motorway services


Look at the first fucking reply you scab