Things that are more exciting to anticipate than actually experience


jusmee bits


Had a hotel buffet breakfast last weekend. My son (8) started with a pain au chocolat, went back for 2 croissants, got me to do him 2 pieces of toast on the self-toaster thingy, ate that lot before finally going back for a plate full of just sausage and bacon. Absolute hero.


That’s a strange name for a child





It would be really funny to make a thread called #JustSmeeThings and then we’d post about stuff with the hashtag #JustSmeeThings maybe


I don’t think that would be funny


I’m sorry to say that I don’t believe this works.


I don’t think that’s a very good idea, feels mean


*feel smeen


Yeah, it definitely wouldn’t be funny tbf


Check the edit


Quite like it when you go to a foreign hotel and they attempt a buffet breakfast to appease the brits but you end up with like chorizo sausages and fried mortadella or something


Frankfurters as the sausage option


Those jacuzzis with the jet bubble things. Actually just quite stressful


On the breakfast theme- scrambled eggs. Always think “this will be the time I really enjoy them” but it never happens cause they’re SHIT


Yes! Reckon swimming pool slide could be a strong contender here too


Best form of egg IMO




This every time