Things that are more exciting to anticipate than actually experience


Also at a hotel buffet they always seem to be dished up with one of these chaps


This is a ‘pea scoop’ apparently. What gives?


I’ve used one of those to scoop peas before


I am rarely satisfied by a chocolate bar, and yet I constantly yearn for even the simplest Freddo bar.


I wish you’d told me before I made the booking


Do you think if you put loads of eggs in an empty jacuzzi it would cook them?


anyone that’s spent the night with me would completely disagree, there’s no way you’d be anticipating it excitedly


Feels like it wouldn’t be very efficient, but we won’t be paying the leccy bill lol


Yeah, it was pretty bad tbh


Being in a band


did you make this joke already too? i’m not going to check


Barely qualifies as a joke tbqfh




Feel deeply sorry for whoever has to clean the jet nozzles

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

We officially beevin’ yet?


I feel like egg might be an improvement over the usual there tbqfh


I wonder if dried scrambled egg or dried… other things would be harder to chisel off.
Think there could be a thread in this


It’d just be @xylo providing all the answers


i mean this is mainly just going to help provide a list of hot-tub bannings.


Do you ever listen to Hot Water Music while you’re in the hot tub?


Hotel stays in general. Might just be jaded from my audit days but I’d take a night in my own bed over a night in a five star hotel any day. Any. Day.

Do quite like the buffet breakfast though.