Things that are more exciting to anticipate than actually experience




The last one of these I went in was actually much, much too hot. Reckon you could have cooked pasta in it.



If it was hot and swirly enough you could poach eggs. Reckon that’d be a fun afternoon, sitting on the side of a hot tub and cracking eggs into it


Followed by grim satisfaction that i got my money’s worth


not YET i haven’t. but my god i will

mainly coz i will be fitting out the pergola with speakers before NYE B)


Pretty much anything that seems ‘glamorous’ is generally wank, to be honest. Like, massively checking my privilege, but I’ve had the good fortune in the past (not now, oh ho ho no) to be exposed to some quite ‘glamorous’ shit through work and it was all bobbins and often quite stressful. Very little (for me at least) compares to everyday comforts you actually really enjoy and can conceivably do repeatedly.


I never get bored. Not ever. I can always think of something that will interesting to do.


Years ago I moved into a flat that had a jacuzzi bath. It seemed an exciting prospect. I used it once in the five years I lived there during the first week. Just the once.


Going on a cruise

Expectation: sailing the calm seas in pristine accommodation under the hot sun, surrounded by half naked beautiful people, eating opulent meals and drinking fine cocktails all day long, then docking in glamorous ports seeing the sights before returning to your palacial suite as the sun sets over the horizon

Reality: vomiting constantly into the toilet and sink of your tatty louse infested cabin as you spend interminable days and nights trapped on a floating butlins on the relentless churning ocean


yeah. i’d say that’s the solid difference between glamorous and luxury in fact. the former is for the look of it and not as good as you’d think. the latter is just upgrading a bit, for a bit.


Luxury should be properly quantifiable, whereas glamour is a hollow vessel


riding a quad bike




Driving a car


Most Chinese takeaways



Too hot to get into at 1st, then suddenly all cold and shit and the bubbles are all gone


This sounds like a case of bad bath management


Dont even have one anymore - got rid of it in favour of a lovely big walk in shower


You’re saying nothing to change my mind