Things that are more exciting to anticipate than actually experience


FWIW I don’t reallly like a sweet breakfast so both Cheerios and OJ are extremely rare for me




Finishing work. Just spend the night thinking about work.






Also fwiw I don’t consider this mean but think it would make an incredibly boring thread


You were right.


Going to a football match



Always get quite excited about flying somewhere. Within about 5 minutes of taking off that excitement quickly turns to extreme boredom though.

If you’ve got a window it can be alright depending on where you’re going and the weather and that, and landing is fun, bht largely it’s a load of shite innit.


Having a day off.

Anticipation: Ooh chance to have a lay-in and just chill out at home, and really relax and recoup some energy.

Experience: Get up same time, have a busy day doing all the shit you never get done, go to bed early, knackered and thinking about work you’ll probably have to catch-up on.


All you lot must have MUCH better jobs than me if your days off and weekends are disappointing :thinking:

Literally the highlight of my life is waking up on Saturday and that feeling after 2 seconds when you realise you don’t have to go to work


I remember being at Heathrow one time waiting to board a flight to New York. And these young women were - literally - jumping up and down with excitement, egging each other on to higher levels of excitement. Me and my mate looked at each other as though they were crazy.


I used to enjoy my job. But we’re currently undergoing a ‘consultation process’ where our entire department are in limbo, not knowing who and how many will be made redundant in December. I think the process is just a necessary procedure and management has already made up their minds anyway. But as we have no idea of their criteria we don’t know who stays and who’s leaving. So the result is that we are not happy to be here and those of us who are ‘lucky’ enough to be retained will be looking to fuck off as soon as we find a new job. Until last Thursday I was happy to go into work on a Monday morning… How things can change in the space of 24 hours.


It’s a bus in the sky, guys. Don’t all shit yourselves about getting on the bus. I LOVE planes and stuff, and long-haul flying is still one of the dullest things in the whole world.




That kind of medium haul flying, 6 or 7 hours, is actually my favourite tbh tbf. Get settled in, have a couple of drinks and a meal, watch a couple of films, arrive feeling relatively refreshed. More relaxing than crappy no frills short haul, but doesn’t do you in like proper long haul does.

That said, flying to New Zealand (Wellington, so not even direct-ish to Auckland) next year with the kids :scream::scream::scream_cat:


Flew to Barbados (shortly after stopping by my local polling station to vote for the Tory candidate, obviously) earlier this year. Flight was at 11am, got there at 3pm local time. Watched four films back to back, drank a good amount of complimentary booze and generally had a nice time.

Any overnight flight can fucking do one though. We’re going to Georgia next year and every single flight from Europe lands there at about 4am local time.


blitzed beans are one of life’s greatest pleasures


Is that the official terminology?


it is between me and c. 3 of my mates, so gonna go with yes