Things that are more expensive in lower quantities


I don’t mean the price per 100g or whatever you dicks, I mean the total unit price.

I was in a Tesco yesterday (which is a rare occurrence for me) and a normal tin of Heinz Baked Beans was 50p, and a smaller tin (maybe half the size) was like 65p or 69p or something like that. I can’t remember exactly because I was so appalled.

Sometimes this also happens with 500ml bottle soft drinks compared to their 2l siblings.



If I buy one pint, it’s £4.30.

If I’m buying two pints, it’s £0.00 cos Dad always insists.


pretty much everything innit?

The more you buy the more money the supplier gets, the more it drives down cost of packaging or other factors so the profit margin stays the same but at a lower cost?


My shitty local Co-op (RIP) used to discount twelve packs of babybels, but not the six packs, making the six packs actually more expensive. They also did the same with some beer. They were fucking morons.


I don’t mean the price per 100g or whatever you dicks, I mean the total unit price.

He’s not talking about economies of scale, I don’t think.


Ages ago, a guy I used to buy grass off (called ‘Dizzy’) tried to charge me more for buying in bulk. I’d usually buy an eighth for 20 quid, but put an order in for an ounce. The price quoted was about 50 quid more expensive than if I’d simply asked for 8 eighths.

Ended up buying half an ounce at the correct price, and then calling him up again a few days later for the 2nd lot.


Some people aren’t reading the OP very closely!


It’s enough to make you question whether it’s even worthwhile posting on this site.


milk - 4 pints 99p, 2 pints 75p in OCado

oddly 6 pints is then 1.48 which is a bit screwed as a comparison


Dishwasher tablets

I always look at the price per unit


Slicky, this is not what I mean.



In sainsburys an individiual bottle of chocolate milk (branded though) costs about £1:50. But a litre carton of own brand from the milk section costs 99p



really? i thought this was exactly the screwed pricing that discriminates against the singleton you wanted



Not sure that this is exactly what the OP is after but, if you ever visit Hong Kong and go to the ICC building on the Kowloon side, you have two options:

  1. A trip up to the viewing gallery that you have to pay for
  2. A trip up to the swanky cocktail bar on the floor above the viewing gallery where a drink costs less than the viewing gallery admission price.

Therefore 1 drink < 0 drinks, for the same view.


there is a logic to this though

the cost of the can & shipping

a pallette containing 100kg of beans in the large tin will weigh less & possibly be of less volume than a palette containing 100kg of beans in the small tin


It’s okay. I’m looking for examples where you actually have to pay more to get less e.g. if 4 pints cost £1 but 2 pints cost £1.20


The tv buys me those small tins of beans. I hate them so much.


or six babybels for more money than twelve babybels.