Things that are nice


A cup of tea
A sit-down
A walk in the sunshine

What else?

(And yes, I’m starting a day shift thread at 9.47pm on a Sunday)


Certain biscuits.


Just Nice biscuits, or would you class other biscuits as nice?


A city in the South of France?


A cuddle with someone you think is nice
Cold, still lemonade on a hot summer’s day
Being unexpectedly complimented (in a respectful way)


When a dog is happy to see you.


A compliment heard second hand (so you know its real)
When a baby laughs or smiles at you
Getting into a warm bed when you’re really tired/hungover


An old man looking at something in a shop that he’s never going to buy.


When a stranger laughs at your jokes


A reply with 10 likes


Being brought my morning cup of tea in bed especially when the person making it isn’t having tea and wasn’t up


Having a hot water bottle
Sitting under a nice blanket
Lighting some candles
Smooshing a moggylish
Creating a strange language of made up words with someone you love


A good hearty meal on a chilly day




Soup is nice


Yes it is.


A foot massage
A hot roll for breakfast
A decent shower
Having a cat lie on you
Getting all your work done
Having someone cook for you
Getting sent something in the post
Being surprised by your partner e.g. buying a gift, cleaning the flat etc.
Lying in bed being stroked on the back
Watching TV with someone you love


When a thread is good for all of 5 mins before someone comes along and objectifies women



(yeah, yeah, come at me)


I love having my feet touched in a non sexual way
It instantly makes me all sleepy and so relaxed