Things that are probably now Brexit/a bit crap and English



bit shit


is being brexit distinct from being tory?


i think so now, because you get tories who aren’t brexit


ooh multiball


Nah, I hate Richard Curtis as much as the next man but he wrote at least 2 and a half utterly brilliant series of Blackadder

He can fuck the fuck off now though


this thread is not made in humour. it’s fully for purposes of depression


Yep, dont forget the lexit bros


Well, despite being English, and our embarrassing history of football underachievement, jingoism and hooliganism, I usually can’t wait for a World Cup or Euros, but maybe the last few years have sapped my energy and gammoned me out.

Is there a more embarrassing national stereotype (which many do actually live up to) than the beer bellied Britain First Bobs in Benidorms with their bangers and mash?


Monkey Dust pegged Curtis as well brexit a long time ago…


Brit rock
Jim Bond
All those brands like Bird, Roundtrees and Tony Mowbray pork pies


How was it?


d’ya reckon it’s possible for a thing to be lexit?

‘drinking tea is well lexit’


Pissing on war memorials




Slightly smaller than a normal one, and there slightly stronger




I reckon it’s possible, not heard of anything fitting yet tho


things that are lexit:




What is this year’s coolest nationality for indie points? Somewhere Nordic again?