Things that are probably now Brexit/a bit crap and English


Reopening collieries will be on the Lexit agenda soon enough



but at least he’s sort of aware just above


“Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts were happily in love. But this was just a fantasy concocted by the autocrats pulling the strings of the Reagan administration.”

Stock footage of the Berlin Wall coming down set to the music of Wet Wet Wet


Biting here but he wasn’t mind, despite not liking the EU and being honest about its flaws, he saw that handing our country to the likes of gove and boris and that instead… was an awful idea - and the media narrative that he didn’t is tiresome and wrong.


i was definitely taking the piss :slight_smile:


Monty Python


reckon joking about this perpetuates right wing narratives and is a bit etc


right but you think everything is etc


gotta etc something


too true


English Brexit tea?


Brexit tea means Breakfast tea


brushing your hair
having opinions on stuff
leaving the EU


I’ve started to brush my hair again after an indefinite hiatus


Thinking Yorkshire Tea is grown in Yorkshire


Fields with farm animals in them


Little Britain


Being “a bit OCD”


A significant percentage of the population of every country in Europe


root vegetables