Things that are probably now Brexit/a bit crap and English


Looking forward to the thread when England embarrass themselves again in a few months time.



Cheddar man


Bowler hats
Murray mints
A 99 Ice-cream
Henry VIII
Dressing like this-


The Today Programme
Non parents parking in Parent and Child bays
A yellow HB pencil with a silver cup and red eraser


And you call this a steam train when it is clearly grilled


Black taxis.




I think I might be, because I ripped a bag of M&S chai tea the other day and said ‘Oh, balls’ like a racist old colonel, so I might just take myself out and shoot myself because the virus is obviously in my bloodstream.




Troll harder




Pancake day




By irking all of the idiots in to voting Brexit after a Muslim was named the best baker in Britain?


Nasty rumours going around that Tiger Crew attend Pegida rallies




think you’ll find it’s a mostly Catholic and therefore Irish/Gaelic tradition that, so no dice




Personal reg plates. Fuck off with that