Things that are satisfying to open

  • Kit kats (if you run your nail down the middle of the foil)
  • Tubes with a foil lid that need opening with the spike on the lid
  • Saving accounts

Tins of paint


Pay cheques

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envelopes stuffed with money

Can of beer


Jar lids that make a popping noise when you open the lid


The door to your holiday apartment/villa/hotel on your first day

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your mind, maaan

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Threads by @billy_jizz

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The foil bit on top of coffee.

A really neatly-wrapped Christmas present.

Only because they’re so frustrating to get into

champagne corks, obvs, if you perfect the ‘turn the bottle not the cork’ manoeuvre and it just pops off gently into your hand (CWBAFT).


Peeling the paper bit off Blu-Tack > *


A new piece multimedia kit. It’s like in boxing alllll the happies… until you need to start plugging everything in and find all the design flaws.


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Can of illy ground coffee. Whoosh -> lovely coffee smell. Ahhh.

That’s the sort of feedback I live for!

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chance would be a fine thing