Things that are slightly annoying on Twitter

  1. When someone tweets a picture or video of something mildly interesting/amusing and then there’s just loads of replies from desperate journalists asking if they can use the image/video.

  2. When someone tweets something that gets loads of retweets and then there’s loads of replies about how it’s been retweeted loads.

  3. When someone writes ‘Thread’.

  4. When someone writes ‘Crying’ or similar.

There’s more, I’m sure of it.

“Who did this! :joy: :joy: :joy:” on a tweet with a very clear and visible source


yep. refuse to read any of that shite on principal. get a fucking blog you cunts.

Not even on TwitterBook, pal

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Cyclists :wink:

Local councillors getting sassy

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Don’t go on there anymore, too annoying in general.

Screenshots of invented text message conversations

People saying “just leaving this here”

People feeling the need to make a comment in the style of issuing a statement like they’re some kind of world leader whenever literally anything happens

I work in social media so I’m required to spend hours on Twitter every day.

I had to stop using my personal account because I felt like I was losing my mind.

When someone pretends their kids have said something to make a post that’ll be shared i.e. “my three year old kid just made this point about Brexit and I had to share it”


Just leaving this here is a great one. Nice piece of business there.





:clap: The :clap: Clap :clap: Hand :clap: Emoji :clap:


people retweeting themselves ALL THE FUECKING TIME.

Me too - almost a year off it, definitely changed my life for the better.

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[certain politician] doesn’t want you to see this picture [one of them looking a bit unflattering] so let’s see how many retweets we can get!

Twitter itself.