Things that are slightly jarring


Stepping onto an escalator that isn’t moving, obviously.

Typing your password into something but then realising it was asking for your username, and seeing your password on screen (not asterisked out or anything).


Probably the two most jarring things. Got nothing else to contribute.


when you jump off something a little bit high and don’t bend your legs enough to break your fall and your bones and teeth kind of vibrate for a moment

that’s jarring


Jam, marmalade, honey. That kind of thing…


Thinking there is one more step


Listening to kids voiced by adults.


when you do a really big yawn and kind of dislocate your jaw a little bit for a second


Stepping from the travelator back on to normal, unmoving floor at an airport


But fine at the end of Gladiators? Fucking hell mate, think it through.


I’ve never been on Gladiators, though I am a dead ringer for Hunter, so that might have caused the confusion


The editing in modern action films.



The hartley’s factory!!!



Love this kind of thing - let’s shoot 45 takes of him jumping the fence and randomly snip bits of them together.


“Wait, if we cut it this way he drops perfectly from the top of the fence but falls flat on his face at the bottom-”
“Mate, these people are paying money to see Taken 3.”
“Oh yeah. Fair enough.”




Contraflows that direct you into the outside line of the traffic going in the opposite direction. It’s much less jarring when I’m just driving in the wrong direction for the bants.