Things that are straight-up LIES


Non-iron shirts
Instant coffee
Apple/Huawei earbuds.


Can we not use that term, please? It’s normalising fascist discourse.

No, I’m not joking.


don’t think the fascists came up with the term did they?


naked foos


There’s some types of fake news I prefer to refer to as ‘propaganda’.


@moderators feel free to delet the thread if that’s ‘the will of the people’.

Back to the nfl threads I go.


Sorry pal, I didn’t mean to jump down your throat and it’s nothing personal, but I do feel strongly that using terms like this in common parlance plays into the hands of the people trying to spread misinformation.


Could we rebrand the thread “Things that aren’t things”?

Though this has its own issues on this website.



Also you’re 100% right about non-iron shirts. Total nonsense.


idk what thats supposed to show, besides the term being relatively new. i’ve heard communists use it, i’ve heard centrist dads use it, i’ve heard the fash use it.




things that are flake news

how much it bloody costs to get a 99 from the ice cream van
and then it was distinctly sort of lemon and the cone was a bit stale


all shirts are non-iron shirts


There isn’t one particularly orange person that you associate with using the term to discredit sources?


Tried to change but not letting me, might have waited too long.
Your second sentence is cryptic.



I don’t personally have a problem with the collins word of the year 2017

but if Epimer does then we should abandon this whole charade.


DAVID DICKINSON: ooh cheap as chips

PERSON: where are you getting chips from, chips are far cheaper than this old vase

DAVID DICKINSON: ooh yer fake news merchant, peddling bobby dazzlers of misinformation ye


yeah amongst other people.

i’m going to make a sandwich, this isn’t a hill I will be dying on.