Things that are usually combined


English Language and English Literature GCSE grades

Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination

Anything else?


Drink, sandwich and snack in a meal deal


Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio vaccination.


Hot dog
Jumping frog

Mute functions

It’s bad that this is a Monday morning, the start of a new week where I should be feeling fresh, rested and raring to go and this is the best I could come up with. Sorry everyone.


ear, nose and throat - in hospitals


lamb and mint sauce
pork and apple sauce
beef and horseradish sauce


guacamole and burritos/nachos that sort of thing. One of life’s biggest injustices is that this often comes with a surcharge, as if there are loads of people that don’t want guac with their mexican food.



Dandelion and burdock


Kith and kin


love and marriage


Hall and Oates.
Simon and Garfunkel.
Masturbation and the inevitable sense of guilt.
Land of Hope and Glory.


Wash and wax


Mergers and acquisitions




Pizza Hut and taco bell


Ant and dec


A nudge and a wink


Or two of each