Things that are very much worth a bit of extra effort


Cheeky strawberry on a white wine spritzer

Think that’s it?


I want to say parenthood but going to need confirmation here


Getting your toaster setting exactly how you want it.


Ensuring that each and every one of your posts or threads on is as informative, entertaining and eye-opening as they possibly can be.


making a cup of fresh coffee rather than instant, however it is done

double cooked chips (but NOT triple)

sending a hand written card or a letter instead of an email


My like is ONLY for the coffee.


Depends if you actually want an answer, I suppose.


Whacking your Ginsters peppered steak slice in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes instead of microwaving it for 2.


Shaving with a double edged safety razor (there you go, @colon_closed_bracket).


Microwaving anything but pre-cooked rice seems to end terribly tbqh




Actually following the recipe for a dish you’re not used to making instead of making it up as you go along.

This is a frequent source of contention in my house.


Disgusting suggestion IMO. Nobody is getting a baby from “foreplay” are they.

  • Ironing your work shirts.
  • Reading the fucking manual.


Actually throwing the one ring in the hecking fire once you’ve won a large battle and not flouncing off back home with it like some bloody daft Mummy’s boy and letting the entire world go to shit while the evil bloke just makes himself right at home again.


At least pretending your manifesto is costed.




Fabric softener


Sometimes fabric softener is harmful


Maintaing the appropriate distance from the car in front while driving.