Things that are weird - Chat Thread



As discussed elsewhere, kissing, clapping, pooing and sleeping are all a bit weird. Can you think of anything else that is weird? If so post it in this thread.



A ‘weird things’ thread that forbids polls

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People associating a personal sense of achievement with a sports team’s/sports person’s achievements.



“Let’s all meet up in a room and turn the lights down so we can stand on the floor and move our bodies to loud noises.”

It’s ace though.

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  • I was talking about the animal

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Giraffes are quite weird because their necks are way longer than most other animals, nice suggestion!

(Also, if someone held a gun to my head and asked me which animal I fancied the most (which would be weird) I’d say a giraffe which is also weird)


Disagree that it’s ‘ace’ as it is actually bad but you’re right, it is very weird.


Nobody does this. Not weird.


People who see a picture of mother and child doing something quite innocent and lovely and decide it’s wrong and they need to comment on it.


Ok pal.


And Balonz of course.


Not weird, people need to be able to say if something is weird or not without fear of being called weird themselves.


Photos of dancing people are generally weird




Very disrespectful (and cowardly as well, a real man would have @'d him in @Balonz)


What do you mean by “a real man”?


Basically anyone anywhere who isn’t zxcvbnm


Ant has found himself cornered in his own thread! :scream:


Wait! What’s going on in here?

I am not a fan of lip kissing your child myself but it’s absolutely fine of course. Sometimes I am forced into it though. He sees me and his mum kissing goodbye and thinks he should do the same.