Things that are "why?"


did you ask them?


I was too confused to.

I’ve cracked it!

it’s borrowing glasses (to drink from) for parties

& borrowing fish kettles (to cook with)


why tho

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to save buying one?

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For free! what a company. Just the best supermarket and John Lewis the best

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Doesn’t sound like any regular kind of loan. In fact it sounds like a totally different kettle of shite…

Having Googled what a fish kettle is, this seems quite sensible

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I wonder simply borrow a fish kettle


I agree but I still think “why?”

Wonder how many people borrow a fish kettle from them.

i mean, it still seems weird they’ve picked those two items specifically instead of just saying like “party shite rentals” or something

why not salt pig & gravy boat loans ? idk


Great. Now I want a fish kettle.

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Thanks for asking! We don’t do it because there’s no demand. Fish kettles don’t even really exist!

That’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

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YouTube app being removed from the firestick in January.

wtf is a fish kettle
why aren’t we asking that

It’s a vessel in which you boil fish.

Fish kettle:

For poaching fish. Poached fish is a common christmas day dish, especially amongst people from catholic east european backgrounds.

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I used to work for a catering company, we had several fish kettles for hire and they were out fairly often. Like if you’ve got a big fish for your wedding or whatever how else are you going to cook it :grinning: