Things that are "why?"



did you ask them?


I was too confused to.


I’ve cracked it!

it’s borrowing glasses (to drink from) for parties

& borrowing fish kettles (to cook with)



why tho


to save buying one?


For free! what a company. Just the best supermarket and John Lewis the best


Doesn’t sound like any regular kind of loan. In fact it sounds like a totally different kettle of shite…


Having Googled what a fish kettle is, this seems quite sensible


I wonder simply borrow a fish kettle


I agree but I still think “why?”

Wonder how many people borrow a fish kettle from them.


i mean, it still seems weird they’ve picked those two items specifically instead of just saying like “party shite rentals” or something

why not salt pig & gravy boat loans ? idk


Great. Now I want a fish kettle.




Thanks for asking! We don’t do it because there’s no demand. Fish kettles don’t even really exist!


I’m getting the impression more and more over the past year that the very highest people in companies are making these type of decisions with absolutely no grasp of the real world. A director probably held a party in their seaside mansion and had to buy a load of glasses and a fish kettle and was like IMAGINE IF THERE WAS A LOAN SERVICE FOR THIS WE’D BE MEGA POPULAR!!!

I also get the impression the CEO of Halifax was a massive fan of top cat as a child, assumes everyone loved top cat, and thinks it was the most intelligent marketing campaign ever.


That’s an entirely different kettle of fish.


YouTube app being removed from the firestick in January.


wtf is a fish kettle
why aren’t we asking that


It’s a vessel in which you boil fish.