Things that are wrong that you haven't fixed


I’m not on the floor-wide email list. I’ve never told anybody because the small risk of missing out on cake is worth escaping some of the crushing banality of being an office worker.


My car has (and has since I picked it up) a squeaky clutch pedal. Not affecting anything mechanically, and can only really hear it if the radio is turned down, so not worth the effort of booking it in and taking it to the dealer, etc.


Along similar lines, there’s a guy at the firm with my name and we both work in the same office. Some bright spark in HR decided that there was no real point in making an obvious differentiation between us so I get emails intended for him quite a lot. I’m not fussed as I like these little insights into the world of my double.


Oh yeah, I still haven’t got the child locks looked at on my car after the safety recall letter. I booked it in then was too hungover to drive to the garage.

It’ll probably be fine.


Absolutely loads that cumulatively have a detrimental effect on my life but individually aren’t worth bothering with.