Things that aren’t right

The fact that wagyu cows have birth certificates with their lil nose prints on it from when they were small baby cows, little calfs, they put a dot of ink on their nose and booped it onto the certificate. Look at this

NOSE PRINT. And in certain restaurants they’ll show you it before you eat it. So you’ll know it’s name and see it’s nose print before devouring it. Not right!!

Upon googling this I also found out that the cow people, the people who have cows are called cattle keeper which sounds like a wizard and I hate it.

Also not right, is when people have their like, close friends or family members or partner saved in their phone as their full name. Like, first and last name. What the fuck?! That’s so formal and not right.

I don’t think it’s right that fish don’t have nipples. How do they feed the baby fish?

Last thing for now that’s not right, these specific monkeys

Feel free to add your own. Or don’t. I just needed to get this off my chest.


Oh also keys. I don’t like them and can’t think about them for too long without being all :exploding_head:
Like I don’t get how they work and I don’t think they’re right

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You’re not going to like what you find when you look up fish, bird or frog cloacas

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I think they should have birth certificates but shouldn’t be eaten


Oh my god

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That’s really sad :disappointed_relieved: I love cows, beautiful kind adorable creatures who we are lucky to have


All for this tbqfh. Smash through the cognitive dissonance between eating beef and eating a chunk of Maisy the friendly cow.


Duncan James often being described as ‘Hollyoaks actor’ rather than ‘from Blue’


Ol’ Dunc the spunk


Not seen that be used yet but will keep my eyes peeled


Please x

That boy


good for emergency contacts but, for friends yeah bit weird.

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I know it’s annoying when someone says they don’t understand something and someone repies ‘ah but this is how it works!’ so I won’t do that, but I also used to not understand how locks worked until I saw an animation of a tumbler pin mechanism that suddenly made it all make sense (but I won’t link to it)

I’d honestly be so offended if I looked at my friends phone and saw I was saved in there as my full name. I’d be like oh cool we aren’t as close as I thought

wonder if that information has ever been used to solve crimes

Cow crimes?


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marmite flavoured peanut butter.

What issues do you have with those monkeys?