Things that automatically put you off...albums

It’s one of the main reasons I still haven’t got into that last Solange album. Feels like a good 50% of the tracks are interludes

It’s a personal thing though, i can recognise they have artistic merit

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Tbh a 9 track album is perfect for me. Attention span is not what it used to be


Produced by:

  • John Congleton.
  • Daniel Lanois.

Fuck off.

The skits are precisely why 3 Feet High & Rising is the greatest hip hop album of all time, you madman!


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:grinning: So most folk tell me. I’ve always found them so tiresome though - even on first listen yeeeears ago.

LP/Vinyl gripes:

  • A 40 minute album is spread over 2LP at 45RPM.
  • King of Limbs having it’s 8 songs spread over two 10" LPs - 2 songs a side aye? Fuck off!
  • Love Titus Andronicus but this shit with The Most Lamentable Tragedy irks me:
    Sides A and B are on opposite sides of a single LP (LP1).
    Sides C and E are on opposite sides of the 12", 45 RPM record (LP2).
    Sides D and F are on opposite sides of a single LP (LP3).
    From the included download card:
    Play order: LP1, Side One / LP1, Side Two / LP2, Side Three / LP3, Side Four / LP2, Side Five / LP3, Side Six

The All Things Must Pass CD boxset pisses me off no end.

CD1 = LP1 + the bonus tracks?!!!
CD2 = LP2 + LP3

I don’t mind bonus tracks after the end of albums, but don’t mess with George’s masterpiece.


‘Forget Her’ being tacked onto Jeff Buckley’s Grace as the 11th track and it being treated like it was always there.
Fuck off back to track 1 on the 2nd CD of the legacy edition ‘Forget Her’ !


That thing where a once popular band/artist that you used to enjoy (and probably still would) have lost their once sizeable label £backing and, as such, the quality of their cover artwork, logo, fonts etc. deteriorates to a pathetic degree.

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“Produced by John Feldmann”


They almost always sound superb, though. not huge on having to change Rumours every 3 tracks but fuck me if it isn’t a beautiful pressing. Done properly, there are very good reasons to press at 45RPM over 33 1/3.

Madness. I mean, it benefits from the awful noise that followed on the next two albums but I love his work on Baroness’ Yellow & Green


Aye but a lot just do it for the sake of it.
Kinda pointless on lofi or thrasy punk albums too.

Are you John Congleton and do you love having all the LPs you produce on 2LP 45RPM?


I would love Yellow & Green on 45RPM but it would be, what, a six-disc set? :smiley:

Oh yeah absolutely. I think the only 45RPM doubles I have are Rumours and HAIM’s Something To Tell You, and both are worth it imo.

Joyce Manor tend to press their albums on 45RPM too but their records are like 25 minutes long.

:thinking: :wink:

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Nah, I really don’t like his production. Feels very stuffy and stifling. The most recent Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen albums have suffered from his involvement.


This is more what irks me.
I have a few 45rpm and yes the sound is great. Radiohead press at 45rpm etc
but a 30-40 minute punk or lofi album is just pointless and a pain in the butt.

were you disappointed with the Angel Olsen album in general?

Yeah, I wasn’t that hot on it in the end, especially after loving just about everything she’s done. Very curious to see if the stripped back version comes out to see if the songwriting shines through.

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