Things that automatically put you off bands


Not the first time this thread has been created… but who’s counting.

I’ve noticed a few bands with names referencing other still very active and contemporary bands. I’m sorry “The Slow Show” and “Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever” but I’ll stick you your forebearers, cheers.


A PR machine that writes po-faced press releases for them.


Improper haircuts.


Not being a great bunch o’ lads


Too much emphasis on giving the UK music scene a good kick up the arse


No brass section.
No DJ “bringing it on.”


Members taking on the bandname as a surname when they’re not The Ramones.


NME really fucking likes them.


Aye this is why I’ve never given the jacksons a go


Being here to rescue guitar music - either stating it or being declared as such - with some bottom of the range indie… Which kinda reflects the UK music scene asskicking and NME liking posts!


Scarcity of donks on it


Their music not being good!!!


The use of the term “post punk” in describing them.


When they compromise the structural integrity of my house.




bands who attempt to fend off pigeonholing by citing a variety of influences despite sounding like the only album they own is by Joy Division.

related to the OP, and I’ve mentioned it before, but band names that are a really unsubtle reference to another piece of pop culture (i.e. Twin Peaks, Of Mice and Men, etc.)


sTuPiD tYpEfAcE


Too empathetic


stupid spelling (Alvvays, Chvrches, etc.) and no vowels too (PWR BTTM)


Poor sexual conduct