Things that blow your mind a little bit


I have some that are time related:

The pyramids were as old to Cleopatra, as Cleopatra is to us.

There are still children of US Civil War soldiers alive today. There were widows of Civil War vets alive until 2003!

The grandchildren of US President John Tyler (in office 1841) are still alive!

One of my colleagues was born in the USSR and has loads of stories about how shit it was. It feels like it was ages ago but it was his literal childhood.

Someone born at the very end of the 1800s would have been a teenager in WW1, reaching middle age in WW2, been retiring in the swinging sixties, then watching the digital revolution in their old age. Amazing!


There are more people living in London than in Finland.


Or Scotland.


Eve ft. Gwen Stefani


Weed isn’t legal, but alcohol and nicotine are.


In Australia it’s already Saturday. In summer!


More people live in London than on the entirety of the island of Ireland. More than two million more even.


I’m sorry but none of these things blow my mind.


you could fit the entire population of the USA on the Isle of Wight yet @plasticniki STILL hasn’t driven on the mainland


Even Eve ft. Gwen Stefani? FFS niki


Never heard of it.




Don’t even pretend things like that, mate


FFS! YOU have blown my mind.


Manuel and Chapecoense


Don’t think they understand what predict means.


Also Scotland and Czech Republic are about the same size. I would have thought Czech was bigger.


Czech republic is SMALL. You can cross it in one short train journey. I’ve done the Dresden-Vienna train a few times before, and it’s no big deal.


Also, Wales covers an area of land about the size of Wales.


How many Olympic Swimming Pools? Or Blue Whales?