Things that can absolutely fuck off




This sounds great! I’ll get us some tickets :kissing_heart: :hugs:


estate agents listing studios as 1 bed flats


If you want to be in an enclosed space with me after having that much cheese and fizzy booze, absolutely be my guest.




the first two words are absolutely enough

once had an incredulous argument with an estate agent trying to sell me a one bedroom, two bathroom flat, who said it was a ‘great feature’. fuck. off.


Racism AT the prosecco and pizza festival


My age of empires game crashing after I’ve spent hours accumulating enough gold and stone to build a wonder




If it’s a pizza festival they’d surely have a cheese you could consume that wouldn’t kill your belly. SO YES! YES I WOULD!

@pinkybrain “Bacon mashed potato stuffed rolls” …


Being at work at this time of year when every fucking e mail comes back with an Out of Office and its raining and RARRRRGH


oh man that game <3


but… that is a great feature.


one bedroom, two bathrooms?


It’s the perfect ratio.




early Brendan Urie band name deemed too close to the bone.


I’ve got tickets for this. Don’t even particularly like chilli:


That would absolutely ruin me.