Things that could be used in loads of different places that are only ever encountered in one place for some reason


PVA Glue - Primary Schools


Cord retract function - hoovers


Thought your gf was into arts & crafts? We’re literally drowning in the stuff in my gaff.


cheese whirls - primary schools


Fucking great shout


She is a primary school teacher so I’m drowning in Pritt Sticks, green biros and board markers






I used to use old toothbrushes to clean football boots


That’s literally the only other thing I could think of using a toothbrush for.


Me too. Nice to be on the same page about this.


You can use them to plant DNA on evidence


handy for cleaning bike components as well :+1:


PVA Glue!?


yeah, i love a sticky drivetrain, me


Use them to clean various small parts of my bike

EDIT: as @allnerve has already said


PVA glue is a terrible adhesive, what else would you use it for?


Chainsaws. No need to knock with a chainsaw.


Fucking bikes “oh no, me chain has come off” :joy::joy::joy:

What a load of shite :joy:


Some punks use it for their hair-dos