Things that could theoretically be true but in practice never, never are

There’s a meeting or presentation just before lunch, and someone responds to the presenter asking if there are any questions with “not really a question, more of a comment”. Theoretically this person could be about to make a comment that really adds to the meeting in a very helpful way, but in practice they always, always were only looking for an excuse to hear their own voice.

  • Correct, good example
  • I disagree
  • What?

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The people in your online RPG group are talking about how the books they read in school - Melville, Dostoyevsky - were all crap. Theoretically they could be making a very reasonable point about how male writers are massively overrepresented in the canon of Western literature.

  • Correct, what they actually mean is there weren’t enough buxom half-elf sorceresses in The Idiot for their liking
  • No it’s entirely possible that an informed, nuanced discussion about literature was occurring between Lord Dragonnn and Jeffery Epstein in the general chat of an MMO
  • seriously, what?

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These people need stringing up


Dunno, you’d need to ask Lord Dragonn, that was his example. Although he did say he was from Russia.

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The disparity between example 1 and example 2 is what I think the football people mean when they talk about “doing an Arsenal”

A football metaphor being helpful

  • Theoretically possible but in practice never, ever is
  • That’s offside mate
  • W H A T

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A day away from work at a training course.

  • Come on, you’ll learn something new that will help you improve your professional skills
  • Hahaha it’s just a day out of the office m8s

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I’d also just like to put it on the record that the worst group of people for doing this are male octogenarian architects. Be warned that if you ever go to a public lecture or talk on architecture / planning / urban design or anything in that ballpark, there will be at least one and he will not be stopped once he starts.


This winds me up so much at Q&A sessions after a performance or talk especially when it’s the last one and it’s been explicitly stated “we’ve just got time for a really quick question…”

“Well I think I absolutely know it all and I’m going to use lots of big words and tell you a totally pointless and overly long tale that none of the panel can in anyway respond to…”


Had somebody do that at every single session of a big patent twat conference. 300 people in the room but they had a comment on every. single. thing.

Looked them up afterwards and they worked for Big Tobacco, because of course they did.