Things that DO and DON'T need to be measured out


porridge - nope
pasta - nope
spaghetti - nope

rice - yep

predicting some top level chat ITT. please chip in


fuck sake. fucked up the heading! again @1101010


Mate, there is a little pen there (or should be) so you can do it yourself?


Have you ever heard the ludicrous claim that the hole in a slotted spoon is to measure one portion of spaghetti. If it was true you would get fuck all.


thanks bud


I’m gonna level with you, bird, I’d measure ALL of these things out. We’re quite carb-conscious in our household. No jazz-porridge for us.



really? sounds utterly ridiculous


I tend to measure out my pasta - if I don’t, we end up with a massive pasta surplus. Agreed with porridge / cereal though.


DONT - oil

nobody needs to get out a tablespoon to measure out oil. just slather it all over your body and let the excess drip off into a paper towel.


Nailed it mate, bang on for all of those.

I’d say the following:

Flour for baking - Needs to be measured
Flour for knocking up a white-sauce - Doesn’t need to be measured


You sound like Jamie Oliver. Wazz it up!


me and jamie


Just to say that I was attempting to make this into some kind of Catchphrase thing but it’s not worked :frowning2:


Whole lotta love




I think it would work with stripes. Let’s have a go.

Can you tell who it is yet?


Rice doesn’t need measuring out.


without looking - I’d say Nancy Reagan


I measure porridge. I mean even if I’ve not got access to a scale I measure it by eye. I don’t just chuck some in a pan and hope.

You want just the right milk to porridge mix to make sure you get it perfect in the microwave so it needs a bit more milk after that you stir in to get it just the right temperature for the little girl.

For me this is 40g of porridge then milk to take it to 230g. Then it goes in the microwave 2 mins, stir, 1min 30s, take out, decant into her plastic bowl and mix in more milk until it’s creamy and a good temperature.