Things that don't bring out the best in you

Still haven’t installed it :joy:

phonecalls with my parents

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Clothes shopping. I can’t find anything that fits. All the shops are too hot and stuffy and airless. I hate looking in the mirror. The sizes don’t make sense.

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Scrabble against my mother-in-law.

I had a bit of a melt down on holiday a few back and told her I’d never play her again. It still gets talked about now (although I do still play her and have never won)


I used to be an awful drunk but now I just get really friendly and silly and tired

Dave Grolsch

I’m not competitive at all until I start doing well at something


Bad football results for the team that I support.

yeah this too

if i feel like people expect me to be good at something then it makes me wanna be good at it so i don’t embarrass myself

Being yelled at
Mario kart
All you can eat buffets

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Realised I have no patience at all for my parents asking me questions about work for some reason.

I think because I can’t be bothered explaining the minute details of how my job works no matter how many times my mum asks me the same questions like “what are your meetings actually about then?” Or to pretend I’m actually doing anything at the minute.

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It’s Risk for me.

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Oh jesus
Last job - parents had literally no idea what i did other than what the company did and that it was an office job

Current job - i deal with online orders for a company my parents order from, so i get all their complaints about their deliveries and problems the delivery person told them about that should have been reported through the proper channels not told to a customer who happens to be related to someone in a relevant job


HGATR Threads (this is my own personal failing)

My football team winning

Lucky you don’t have to deal with that too often

Ur so funny

:blush: I know

Playing golf

Tourists driving around our island at a snail’s pace

Golf Blitz (horribly addictive and rage-inducing mobile game I can no longer play because of said addiction and rage)

in Rocket League when someone goes ‘What a Save!’ when i mess up a save