Things that don't deserve their own thread

  1. We have to put our bins out every Wednesday and we have to DRAG THEM DOWN OUR STEPS and it’s really fucking annoying, I don’t like it.

  2. 6Music played Helicopter by Bloc Party this morning, what the fuck? I thought I was in 2005 for a second.


How many steps are we talking here?

Good Shoes in the morning thread, so it’s a little bit later

About 6? They are quite far apart so it’s not steep, but it’s noisy and we also have to wheel them past the front door to upstairs and there’s barely any room. Quite frankly it’s a very stupid set up but I am not sure what we can do to fix it.

Do you own the front garden? Could you build a little wheelie bin store out there?

Everytime a sequel is called ‘[name of thing] 2’, I always mentally add ‘nappy full of poo’ to the end of it

Our toaster died over the weekend. Picked up a bad boy 4 slicer last night from Currys. Can’t wait to do some multi-toasting.

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this made me sad,

although i’m a big fan of there being an Office for Alien Species Management

our old toaster died, new one is small, can only do two crumpets at once, massive sadness

We do! And yes – this might be the eventual answer (along with a bike shed).

Link please – really would like a new toaster and a 4 slice one might be good.

That’s right, high-lift eject.

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Sounds wheelie annoying.

The Dad is strong with this one.


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I got the first toaster I’ve had in years last week. It is this bad boy and it toasts four slices like a motherfucker.

my old boss used to say “i’m going for a jimmy” when she went to the toilet. i always turned it into a bit of rhyming slang, like jimmy choo, poo. now i come to think of it, maybe it was jimmy choo, loo, as in im going to the loo. fuck it, she was a serial work shitter

I’m not ashamed to admit that is a superior toaster.

Hmmm…one of my work colleagues always says “I’m going for a Jimmy Riddle”, so maybe she was a serial work piddler?

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