Things that don't deserve their own thread

Why is finsbury park not showing as a park any more on googlemaps?


I’m sick to the back teeth of something being called a boat
First we had avocado boats

now banana boats?


you’re just putting stuff on stuff that ain’t what a boat is

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And some things that actually are boats are called something else like ‘yacht’ or ‘ship’ or some shit

Well up for calling garlic bread a garlic boat


How do you people cover your cables?

gravy boat

it’s like the opposite of a boat. if you’re filling the boat with water (or gravy) something has gone wrong.


Sounds like somebody hasn’t heard of the Hot Tug™


don’t think i’ll be googling that at work tbqh


Thats a bread boat tho

Don’t think I like my new telly. I can see too much. Put on a bit of The International last night and I could see every pimple on the back of some nerd’s neck.

funnily enough, i saw woodbury down the other day on google maps and thought “where’s that”, then realised it’s Finsbury park


I’ve already sent the pegging kit to my bf
and I tried to order the YAS KWEEN vibrator but shipping is more expensive than the actual product!!!

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That’s a Banana split not a boat ffs

Ive found that OJ simpsons trial is on youtube in full and im probably going to watch the whole thing

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Done 7 poos today.


Has anybody eaten soup in a bread bowl, like this?:

Does it work? Do you think it’s easily achievable at home?

Yes in Lithuania! I think it would be easy to do.

My tea’s too hot and I can’t wait.

got my hair cut a bit too short today
should be alright in a week yeah?