Things that don't deserve their own thread


Why is finsbury park not showing as a park any more on googlemaps?


I’m sick to the back teeth of something being called a boat
First we had avocado boats

now banana boats?


you’re just putting stuff on stuff that ain’t what a boat is


Proper fudge (not the cadbury one) is better than all chocolate, caramel, toffee and etc. It just is. It’s amazing. I took some over to the french family and they lost their minds at how good it is


And some things that actually are boats are called something else like ‘yacht’ or ‘ship’ or some shit


Well up for calling garlic bread a garlic boat


How do you people cover your cables?


gravy boat

it’s like the opposite of a boat. if you’re filling the boat with water (or gravy) something has gone wrong.


btw banana boats came first


Sounds like somebody hasn’t heard of the Hot Tug™


don’t think i’ll be googling that at work tbqh




Thats a bread boat tho


Don’t think I like my new telly. I can see too much. Put on a bit of The International last night and I could see every pimple on the back of some nerd’s neck.


funnily enough, i saw woodbury down the other day on google maps and thought “where’s that”, then realised it’s Finsbury park




I’ve already sent the pegging kit to my bf
and I tried to order the YAS KWEEN vibrator but shipping is more expensive than the actual product!!!


That’s a Banana split not a boat ffs


Ive found that OJ simpsons trial is on youtube in full and im probably going to watch the whole thing


Done 7 poos today.


Has anybody eaten soup in a bread bowl, like this?:

Does it work? Do you think it’s easily achievable at home?


Yes in Lithuania! I think it would be easy to do.