Things that don't do what they're supposed to do, so you wonder how and why they exist


Crap hand dryers in pubs which dry your hands no better than being breathed on by an 90 year old asthmatic. I don’t understand it. How can a hand dryer manufacturer knock up a prototype and come to the conclusion that “yep, that doesn’t work - let’s make 100,000 of them”?

Please use this thread to post other observations worthy of a Michael McIntyre comedy routine.


Most earphones, mine seem to break after like a month


‘Resealable’ packets of pasta




Don’t know where you shop mate, but these have come on leaps and bounds in recent years.






Dousing Rods





Are we not communitying right now?


Any kind of hook or shelf that sticks to tiles/the wall using suction cups. Think they must test them without ever putting anything on them, because whenever they get loaded up they always sodding fall off.


The ‘Mute User’ feature on

Also, Democracy