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Jamiroquai on his religious beliefs:

When asked about having conventional religious beliefs, he responded: "I follow the religion of [nature.] I believe in what people leave behind in the sense of trails and spirits, the energy which they project. I believe in vibrations, which is what the whole world runs on.


What a fucking lack of respect. He’s called Jay Kay.


knew you’d have something to say about this.

No he’s not

Jay Kay (born Jason Luís Cheetham ;[5] 30 December 1969[6]) is an English singer-songwriter. He rose to international fame as a founding member and lead vocalist of the jazz-funk band Jamiroquai.

Of COURSE he believes in some pseudo mystical bollocks that he can use to justify every single thing he does. “the universe willed me to buy another sports car so like ya…here it is.”

i like to pretend it’s jakey

Really want to know what word they swapped out for nature

In Aberdeen, Gove was educated at two state schools (Sunnybank Primary School and Kittybrewster Primary School), and later won a scholarship to the independent Robert Gordon’s College.[17] In October 2012, he wrote an apology letter to his former French teacher for misbehaving in class

best jamiroquai song

  • virtual insanity
  • cosmic girl
  • alright
  • deeper underground
  • canned heat
  • little l
  • love foolosophy

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for the purposes of this poll, these are jamiroquai’s only songs.