Things that fill you with very mixed feelings

I also get this with gigs and watching live performances on the internet. Worse for me than for @marckee and @manches as I can do this and yet don’t


I’m worse than I think I am, and I think am very bad.

oh, go and write poetry about it

:wink: :wink:

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well you are a lot more handsome than you seem to think you are



Marco’s a legit hunk

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going to gigs.

+live music is great
-everyone is awful


A cuppa tea without milk. Ace, I have tea, but dammit I’m drinking it like a barbarian.

Enjoying the music of Azealia Banks



reckon I only feel one thing at a time, all or nothing
edit: no thats not right, one thing or one other thing

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‘supporting’ West Ham football club


this but for the cinema


People being in debt

Generally think they deserve it as anyone I’ve known in debt has brought it on themselves by being frivolous

Then I remember the sheer panic and anxiety when debt collectors came round for a 3k council tax bill (that I didn’t know I needed to pay before that) even though I had the money. Couldn’t imagine what I’d have done if I didn’t. Makes me feel sick.

It’s similarly bad if you are a musician yourself and do your own shit. You get back in a groove with it and think “yeah I’m making some decent shit” and then you’ll see a gig or listen to an album and you’ll be like “why the fuck am I bothering” and go home and burn all your guitars.


I partly have it as a musician who only does home recording stuff, so there’s a definite envy of people simply pulling it off live (and the conflict of a really good album making me think “man, I could never do something this good”)

they’re amazing but also so creepy


Aye. The thing that is awe-inspiring and devastating in equal measure is those for whom it’s SO easy. Like, I dunno, yer man from Fleet Foxes. He can’t wipe his arse without coming up with a melody far beyond my ability. Why bother, lob your guitar in the fire etc.

Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away