things that folk say that you think are bullshit but you let slide

These two were a bigshot male professor and a head of something or other at one of the Big Four… think they just got off on feeling important and talking down to the staff tbh

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Sounds about right.

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Just makes me think of managers who always have to find a word to change or some other nitpick in any piece of work you send them because they can’t just go “that’s fine thanks” about anything


just going to cool down with a nice cup of boiling hot tea


Everything happens for a reason


I haven’t really met a wine I didn’t like (apart from 19 Crimes but that’s another story) but I think if I had a little sample and I really didn’t like it, I’d be like “ooh no thanks”. Kind of like a little sample of ale no? Why is it ok for ale but not for wine?!


This is actually true. The reason is “most things turn to shit sooner than you’d reasonably expect”.


“You can’t love someone else unless you love yourself.”

I already have depression with a big dollop of self-loathing, now youre telling me I can’t truly love my wife? Cheers bbz


“well now you can chalk it up to experience” after something unpleasant happens.

Always meant well, always winds me up.

Yeah. Literally the opposite of the way the universe works, as far as I can tell


Bottle rather than draught innit. If I ordered a can/bottle of beer I wouldn’t have a sip and send it back if I didn’t like it (unless it was somehow off) cause it’s just going down the sink.

If there was a wine tap I’d be well in for trying a sample before committing to a glass

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Whenever I see wine on tap I just assume I’d regret ordering it.

What’s for you won’t pass you by


‘hiking is my passion’

‘yeah, i’ll have the roast dinner please’ when I’m with people ordering food at the pub. It’s absolute, bona fide maxibon bullshit, and the mere pretense that a roast at a pub is an acceptable thing to pay upwards of 15 quid for boils my blood.

they fuck my stage. but I smile.


‘exercise will do your mental health a world of good’

Big fan of this

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Could murder a Maxibon rn

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Unless it comes in a pint glass.