Things that fully irk you

I’m not that easily riled (benefit of being largely apathetic about everything, I suppose), but being patronised properly brings down the red mist.

Also drivers not indicating at roundabouts.



People leaving coffee cups on the tube.




Kid at work uses my room in the evenings and rearranges all the monitors and loads differe t keyboard shortcuts. Literally infuriating.


People standing at pedestrian crossings looking increasingly annoyed that the lights haven’t changed yet and they haven’t pressed the button.


I think I’m just going to end up liking almost everything in this thread.

People pressing the button impatiently like the other people who pressed it already didnt do it properly


People spitting in public / people with their hands down their trousers in public.


The big (ex-)roundabout junction at Archway deliberately trolls people by having two of the crossing require you to press the button due to it not mattering to traffic flow. Often catches people out.

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Something irked me at the weekend but I’m not sure if i’m allowed to be irked by this.

I went to this health food documentary screening at Lush HQ. Lush HQ is quite cool and has nice furnitur and stuff but when we walked in, we saw a paper printed out sign saying GENDER NEUTRAL TOILETS ->
I was like “oh thats forward thinking and cool” and I needed to go to the loo so up I went to the gender neutral toilets to find them to have a male and female sign on the door and it just being one toilet with a sink in. So like the bathroom in your house.

We went into the screening and there is another sign saying gender neutral toilets with a sign similar to this one but more ridiculous with unicorns on and all sorts

But again, when inside, it was just 3 seperate toilets with their own sink in. but when you get past the door with this sign on, each toilet just has a male and female symbol on it rather than just a sign saying “toilet”.

I don’t know why this has irked me.
I think I was more irked at the enormous amount of people taking pictures of the quirky sign and lolling their heads off and instagramming it.

Also someone brought their dog to the film screening. WHY.


“I didn’t know girls could like football that much!”

AaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaRRRRrrrrRRRRrrrRRRRgggghghhhhhgghghghghhgh hFUCKKKK OFFFFFF


my housemate that monopolizes the house with her stuff lying around (for example, I have a couple of tins of beans in the cupboard and nothing else because there’s no room) does no cleaning at all, leaves dishes out on the counter for weeks, chucks mugs out because they go mouldy etc,. finally cleaned the dining room over the weekend, and dumped my bike out in the garden (I leave it out of the way in the dining room).

so, so, so irked.

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Ooh the other side of that; it being a default conversation topic of dull men to ask other men ‘what team you support’. (Plus the inherent silent judgment when you say ‘I’m not into football’). Fuck off.


:smiley: I do this…

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Another perspective - people assuming you’re a meathead ‘lad’ because you like watching sports.

Its almost as though gender binaries are complete bollocks.


I just assume you’re a non-gender specific meathead, tbh.

Had this in the barbers yesterday, my barber was chatting to someone else about Spurs when he suddenly asked me who I supported. I just said Cardiff because it’s guaranteed to kill all football chat stone dead.


people crossing the road without looking.

walking out into the road is fine, you don’t have to wait for a green man or whatever, no problems. but fucking look where you’re going you twats. will usually cycle as fast as i can into these folk to try and scare them.


All the classic driving ones don’t really wind me up much - middle lane drivers, not indicating etc. I don’t like tailgaters but I just fuck with them a little by dabbing the brakes or washing my windscreen.

People cycling on the pavement do my nut though. Especially busy narrow ones in the centre of town. Fun there can be had pretending you haven’t seen them and drifting across towards them or just coming to a stand-off if it is particularly narrow. There seem to be loads here, swerving all over the place.